What is The SAG Creativity Project?

Each month SAG will publish a photograph in the Newsletter, as reference material, for members to interpret.

This can be a wonderful opportunity to try new media, infrequently used techniques, Stretch the limits of your creativity.
The Creativity Project is available to all members. Those that come to the Monthly Meetings and those that do not.
Members are encouraged to bring their results to the following month's meeting. That will give 4-6 weeks to do the work.

However, if a member does not attend the meeting, ALL members are also encouraged to send an email with a jpeg image of their effort to Tom Kollins ( tomkollins@mac.com ) during the week of the monthly meeting. These will be posted on this Blog and be accessible on the SAG web site for all to see. In this way, everyone can see all the results.

Use the words "Creativity Project" in the subject line. And, provide your name in the body of the email. Pictures will be posted after the Monthly meeting.

Resource Photo by Tom Kollins